My story

The art of horology is akin to my heritage and my story begins at childhood as I would observe my father working passionately on watches. This was the era before computers and smart devices, and I was completely enthralled by this trade. I grew up watching my grandfather do the same–repairing and restoring bigger mechanisms such as lawnmowers, handmade scissors, and knives.

Mechanics and engineering seemed to be engrained in my upbringing and my toy trucks and airplanes never lasted more than a few hours as I would pull them apart because I wanted to see the inner makings of what made these gadgets ‘tick’. It was always about the ‘ticks’ and the ‘tocks’ that continued to fuel my passion for horology as the skill and art was passed down from father to son.

I followed my passion by studying Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Followed by career as a Design Engineer for Fisher and Paykel Healthcare (FPH) for almost a decade, with my most recent role with the company as an Engineering Manager. At this job, I was heavily involved in design, mentoring fresh talents and building a variety of machines that furthered my fascination with this art form.

Having worked for FPH for most of my engineering career and moving on to wider leadership and managerial roles, life took an interesting turn and I took some time off to focus on the most important thing i.e., myself. After a lot of to and fro, I decided to take my inherent passion of Horology to the next phase. This gave birth to what is called today “Alpha Time” – a space that continues to motivate me at refining my skills and keep the art of horology alive and thriving in Aotearoa (New Zealand).


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